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ToyKart is a 3D driving game, similar to the Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing format, in which players get to take part in madcap kart races where literally anything goes: from giving your rivals a nudge, to using turbos, taking shortcuts, or setting traps.

The control system in ToyKart is very straightforward: at each side of the screen you have steering controls and also buttons to activate your boosters. What's more, by tapping any of the side arrows twice you can perform a skid. Learning how to perform skids correctly is vital if you want to win the most challenging of races.

Just like other games of this kind, such as Beach Buggy Racing or Sonic Racing Transformers, one of the most important features in each race are power-ups. These can be used to launch attacks on your opponents, activate shields, use turbos, and set traps. Just be careful not to fall into your own traps!

There are several different models of cars to be unlocked in ToyKart, as well as a decent number of different circuits and game modes. You can even collect pets, which provide you with additional boosters during the races.

ToyKart is a fabulous driving game, offering a captivating game experience and splendid graphics. One of the best alternatives to the Mario Kart saga to be found on Android operating systems.
The best kart racing games for Android

One of the most entertaining genres to enjoy in good company is racing games. Or more specifically, arcade games where fun matters more than simulation. These include a micro-genre that's been bringing us joy stretching back to Mario Kart's appearance on Super Nintendo in 1992. Mario blazed the way for the roll out of endless kart titles, among them games like Crash Team Racing and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed that have keep standards very high. A gaming style that we can also enjoy on smartphone and tablet and that we've brought together in this list of the best free kart racing games on Android.
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